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"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel" - Mark 16:15

What is the problem?

A war is being waged for the hearts, minds and souls of humanity worldwide–and this battle is being waged, in part, in our local movie theaters.

Popular media’s view of the world is:

  • There is no God
  • Evolution is fact
  • Life is worthless
  • Homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle
  • Abortion is a woman’s right
  • Drug use and violence are cool
  • Marriage is unnecessary
  • Divorce is normal for any reason
  • Premarital sex and adulterous affairs are fun and exciting
  • Christianity is foolish
  • Christians are stupid and intolerant
  • Crudeness and crassness are celebrated
  • The pursuit of money and possessions are the main goals in life
  • If it feels good do it

Truth is not present in our popular culture

  • Shortage of Godly entertainment choices
  • Lack of a trusted brand
  • Christians have historically sat on the sidelines

Who is affected?

  • Our children
  • Our families
  • Our marriages
  • Our businesses
  • Our churches
  • Our governments
  • Our world

How big is the problem?

  • Global

How is it affecting individuals?

  • Removes Hope
  • Legitimizes acting on popular media’s view of the world.
  • Gives false understanding of history, culture, civility, Godliness, philosophy, theology and personal values.

What happens if it isn’t solved/addressed?

Our Children

  • Our children lose their faith in God
  • Our children come to believe Christianity is foolish and Christians are stupid and intolerant
  • Our children come to believe evolution is a scientific fact
  • Since evolution teaches that life is worthless, our children become violent
  • Our children lose their respect for parental authority
  • Our children experiment with drugs
  • Our children become crude and crass
  • Our children’s main goals in life become the acquisition of riches and material goods
  • Our children lose the values of hard work and education
  • Our children experiment with homosexuality and premarital sex
  • Our children develop a false view of history and pass it on to subsequent generations
  • Our teenage daughters get pregnant before marriage and have abortions
  • Our sons and daughters contract sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS


  • Our husbands and wives have affairs
  • Our husbands and wives seek divorce


  • Unity is eroded
  • Degradation of the principle of the family unit as integral to a civil society


  • Honesty and integrity become rare or non-existent
  • Declining work ethic
  • Difficulty recruiting honest, hard-working job candidates


  • Christian principles and the message of Christ is compromised
  • Become irrelevant and no longer integral to a Godly society


  • Become corrupt
  • Lack servant leaders
  • Oppress and impoverish the populace
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