Movies are powerful. They influence hearts and minds. They can desensitize us to what is right and wrong, shift thinking, inspire action and change society. If theaters are the battleground for faith and culture, then Christians must have a more significant presence on the battlefield—worldwide.

Dr. William Harrity
Founder & President

Recent News

The 168 Hour Film Project

Resurrection Pictures is a proud sponsor of the 168 Project, a competition where producers have 168 hours (1 week) to film and edit an 11-minute movie based on a theme and a Bible verse and that honestly portray a tale that God inspires. All films […]

The “Write of Passage” Screenwriting Project

Resurrection Pictures is a proud sponsor of the first annual “Write of Passage” screenwriting competition, which aims to encourage new writers to enter the world of film. Write of Passage uses a team writing approach and offers finalists the possibility to see their scripts made […]

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